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This is a story of turning lemons into lemonade, or rather beetroots into the most delicious Borscht.  In March 2022, my husband and I invited a Ukrainian family, originally from Donetsk area, to move to our home. Having had to leave their house and their close ones for the second time (first in 2014) and having their own home bombed three times already (!), they were driven to settle in the Netherlands and create the best possible life for their 2 y old. We just wanted to help.

What we didn’t know is that this decision will turn OUR lives upside-down. Natalia, turned out to be qualified, experienced and incredibly skilled Kitchen Chef. So not only did we gain new friends (more like family now) and extra kg’s (a true testimony to Natalia’s cooking skills) but also set my professional life into a completely new direction.
After 15 years in corporate world, multiple projects, roles and locations I am becoming a restaurant owner!  I am on a mission to put Eastern European cuisine on a local food map and to make sure that something positive comes out of this horrific war.

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