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Natalia's Kitchen would love to be a part of your Christmass and New Years celebration! Spoil your family and friends with delicious cakes and pastries, sweet and savoury treats or a complete meal menu. All the positions on our on-line menu are available for the order but our skilled Kitchen Chefs are happy to work with you on any special requirements. Have a look below at our Christmas specials (available only as a pre-ordered take-away, to be picked up on the 23rd or 24th December). 


Traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner will consist of twelve dishes! Some of the most typical ones you can try at Natalia's Kitchen.


  • Borscht with 'uszka' (little mushroom stuffed dumplings), 

  • Mushroom soup with 'lazanki' (squared share pasta)

  • Pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms 

barszcz z uszkami.png


Poppy seeds are very popular in Eastern European desert baking. They are believed to bring hapiness and prosperity. In Poland, there can be no Christmas Eve without at least a roll of good Makowiec (poppy seeds roll) on the dinner table. You can order one now next to Natalia's other big hits - Medovik or Napoleon.

We are kindly asking you to place your order for Christmas celebration before 18th of December. You will be able to pick up your delicious food up to the 24th of December. Please get in touch (preferably via whatsaap) at 0630288269.

Additionally to the regular menu we propose:

Borscht with 'uszka' (little mushroom stuffed dumplings) -  11 EUR (1 portion)

Mushroom soup with 'lazanki' (squared share pasta) -         9.50 EUR (1 portion)

Pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms -                            9.50 EUR (1 portion)

Makowiec -                                                                 35 EUR (1cake/10 portions)

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